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Make your road bike uniquely! You choose your bike style, have Bicycle Sports fit you for the proper size bike and choose your color! Your bike will usually arrive at Bicycles Sports in 2 to 3 weeks. How sweet is that! Click here to see the current road bike colors.


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Redefine Yourself. Agile, durable, stiff, comfortable, stable, lightweight: these are all the characteristics we envisioned while designing the Burley road bikes. Made by master craftsman, the Burley steel road bikes show our dedication to making timeless products that will provide years of fun, excitement and satisfaction. These bicycles are designed to work great at whatever you choose; the evening criterium, the weekend stage race, the century rides, or lunchtime sun-tanning rides (our favorite); the only limit is your imagination.

Burley Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek – Shimano Dura-Ace® – Authentic American Steel

With 16 years of experience in bicycle design and manufacturing, we have developed the ideal road bike. Made in Eugene, Oregon, using True Temper OX Platinum air-hardened tubing, the Wolf Creek is the perfect versatile road bike, good for all types and styles of riding. Using the new Shimano Dura – Ace® 10-speed components, super light Rolf® Prima Elan wheels, a True Temper Alpha Q Pro carbon fork and Selle Italia SLR saddle, the Wolf Creek represents the highest performance Burley product EVER.



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